(Note:This story is NSFW in nature)

Chapter One

Andrea looked about the auction hall, the auctioneer's voice resounding through it loudly and clearly within as the crowd of men below bid on the youthful blonde girl currently on the stage.

"Do I have 15000? 15000?! Alright, going once, twice; SOLD to the man in the collar for 10000 dollars."

Andrea felt the sudden yank on her arm as a burly man's voice spoke loudly into her ear, bidding her forcefully to emerge from the line as the blonde, teary eyed, was led away by another.

The auctioneer spoke again.

"Up next, we have a striking young Asian girl of 15 years of age! Beautiful young lass she is, perfect for chores, sex, or any other things you so please! Born and raised in captivity, just awaiting the day to be sold to a master! I am starting the bid at 5000 dollars! Do I hear 5000, 5000 dollars? 5000!"

"5000 dollars!" the bid came from a British voice in the back. A first voice, one who had yet to bid before.

"5000 dollars! Do I hear 5500?! 5500 dollars?! 5500?!"

"5500!" a gruff, old voice yelled from the center of the audience.

"6000!" the Brit shouted back.

"6000 dollars! Do I hear 7000?! 7000 dollars?" the auctioneer rambled. "7000 dollars?!"

"7000!" a voice from the right hand side erupted!

"8000!" came another.

"9000!" the old voice from before.

"10000!" a yell from the Brit.

"10000 dollars! Do I hear further bids? Let's raise the stakes, to 15000 dollars! Do I hear 15000?! 15000?! 15000 dollars!"

Andrea felt as though this were taking forever. She attempted to look somewhat stoic, as compared to other girls among the batch. Though even she could hardly fight the solemn feeling of worthlessness that came from being bid on like a piece of art.

"Going once, twice: SOLD to the Brit in the back for 20000 dollars!"

The Brit appeared to stand and walk toward the stage as Andrea was dragged by her arm. They waited for him for around a minute; he was young somewhere around ten years older than she was, so she guessed. It wasn't long before she was passed off to him by her arms, and the dragging began once again as she idly swung her feet in front of one another in following.

"Now, little whore. You do everything I say, when I say it, we'll get along just fine. Understand?"


"Good little bitch. Now, come."

She followed obediently, not given much choice in the matter as he relaxed his grip and turned his dark haired head.

The parking lot was as packed as the auction hall itself, though Andrea could still clearly see the next truckload of girls brought back from the camps.

He pointed to a small car and opened the trunk.


She obeyed, crawling into the trunk and laying there still and silent.

The Brit closed the trunk, and sudden darkness overtook the small storage space, with the exception of several specially made holes in the top. Perfectly round and cut out just for the storage of slave girls.

The car started, and they were off.

Andrea took light breaths, listening only to the rumble of the car and the occasional bump in the road. She was solemn, the day she had dreaded finally coming to pass.

What would he do to her? How would he do it?

The car appeared to leave the city, judging from the moonlight that flowed into the holes, replacing the streetlights from earlier.

It reminded her of the camp, lit only by an occasional patrol light during the night.

The girls had rarely been allowed outside at night. But when they were, it was always beautiful. The stars showed throughout the night sky, dwarfed by the moon in elegance.

The camp, however, held very few good memories. All girls were held in camps - that was part of the world patriarchy. They were sold off to men for sex or otherwise, with the exception of nine select women per camp. These women were impregnated to keep the race alive, constantly. Impregnated via artificial insemination.

Boys were taken out, and given to male dominated families, and girls were raised in the camp nursery, and their uteruses removed at a young age. When of age, they were sold.

The camps brutalized the girls, raised them strictly in submission. They were beaten for playing the wrong games or talking the wrong way, or even looking at a man wrong. Andrea recalled her own bruises.

But worst of all, anyone at an auction knows not to expect to buy a virgin from the camps. The girls got raped on a daily basis - and no one batted an eye.

She knew from experience. At the camp, there was a camp guard named Thomas Delaney. Thomas was known for his ever so brutal misogyny, and he had a special eye on Andrea.

One day, when she was ten, she had been playing behind a building, when she was grabbed from behind, and thrust to the wall.

She heard his voice speak chillingly into her ear.

"Do as I say, and you won't get hurt."

She didn't want to remember what happened afterward. He had thrusted so many times - blood was everywhere. She had cried for so long after that, only to receive a basic "suck it up" from guards and officials.

Needless to say, she didn't see her life getting any better being out of the camp.

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