Log ThirtyEdit

Log thirty, Day thirty-one, August 19, 2014, Doctor Martinelli recording.

There's been no change in the results after observation of Patient 19, so I don't really think this is much of an update. The patient is still in the REM phase of sleep, undergoing the same seizures every 45 minutes. Each seizure causes the patient to flail along the bed violently, screaming the same words over and over again before he dies back down: 'Tear Waster, Tear Waster, Tear Waster.'

Heartbeat increases to anywhere from 150 to 175 beats per minute during this period - it's surprising to me that his heart hasn't exploded.

I will be diverging from simple observation today; I'll be taking a blood sample, to see if I can detect anything abnormal. It's a long shot, but it may provide something of an answer as to what the patient is going through. This isn't a normal case of night terrors. Too many things don't add up. Night terrors most often occur in the NREM phase - the patient has been stuck in REM sleep for a full month, if not longer. He was brought to me from a house out in the suburbs of Brooklyn - his mother found him, apparently, after he hadn't called her in five days.

This blood sample - it's one of our last shots. Usually, blood has nothing to do with the sleep cycle. But we've run out of conventional methods of finding out what is wrong. Catscans, Brain scans, EEG's, none of them have detected anything. If nothing conventional can detect something, then certainly an unconventional method that sounds like it would merit nothing might come up with something, right?

The subject - he doesn't have any history of, well, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or any form of mental illness that would be common in adults suffering from night terrors.

The patient does undergo increased perspiration and other autonomic arousals. But there's no mental illness history, substance use, anything like that. And no chemical, not a drug, not a brain chemical, nothing that I ever seen, could cause a sleep parasomnia this severe.

I'll be taking a blood sample and examining the results. I'll return with Log Thirty-One when I have those back.

Log Thirty-OneEdit

Log Thirty-One, Day thirty-eight, August 25, 2014, Doctor Martinelli; recording.

The blood test detected something, but I don't know what it is. Black.

It's black. Some kind of odd chemical or substance. But whatever it is, it looks like it's alive.

Examining the blood shows that every 45 minutes, the substance begins to move around. It's kind of - shaking. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. I'm working on distilling the substance from the blood that we drew from Patient 19 - if we can find out what this is, we can find out how to get rid of it.

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